Calisthenics – A Beginners Guide: The Dand

Other than initially announced in my previous blog post this won’t be about explaining the science behind my Ultimate Travel Workout. The reason for this is that I’ve received some feedback about how to perform some of the more complex and uncommon exercises used in the routine properly so I came to the conclusion that basic exercise tutorials would be a better topic to talk about for now.

This post will focus on the Dand, otherwise known as Tibet or Hindu Push-Up. It’s got its other names from the similarity to some of the prayer positions of Tibetan monks and because it’s basically a combination of the “downward-facing-dog” and the “cobra” Yoga-Poses.

To perform the dand you start in a pike position, which means that your arms and upper body are in a 90 degree angle to your legs, both arms and legs locked out. Your hands are firmly planted on the ground and about a shoulder width apart. If your flexible enough put your heels on the ground as well to get an extra stretch in your posterior chain. If not just putting your toes on the ground will do the trick as well for the main purpose of this exercise.

Young woman practicing yoga in a urban background

You then start lowering your upper body to almost touching the ground by bending your elbow joints and basically diving through your arms. In the first portion of this movement focus on activating your anterior deltoids. As you get lower start shifting that focus to your latissimus to achieve greater muscle fiber activation.

Hindu Push Up 2

Once you’ve pushed your upper body through your arms you start elevating again by extending your arms and locking your elbow joints out. This is when you start engaging your triceps.

In the finished position your arms and legs are completely locked out and aligned with your hips, both held close to the floor while your lower back is hyper-extended (which means it’s bent backwards) and your upper body is held upright by your arms.

Hindu Oush Up 3 Girl

If performed correctly this exercise works wonders! I mean, did you notice that the girl in the first picture became a guy in the second one?! And then a girl again?!?!?! Just an amazing exercise! (Jk, I just couldn’t find a picture of her performing the second step of the exercise.)

The Dand is an excellent exercise to add to any routine. It is one of the few bodyweight exercises that allows you to train your shoulders and parts of your back like your traps and lats (if engaged intentionally) without any equipment. Apart from that as a Push-Up variation it obviously trains your chest, triceps and core as well!

If you need further instructions I highly recommend this youtube tutorial.

Thank you for taking your time to read my blog and I hope to see you again in my next post! Please do me a favour and like and share my post to show your support!




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